Chaetomorpha is a great algae for removing phosphate and nitrates from your saltwater aquarium.

We post out daily, and all our chaeto is sent first class.
Chaeto is sent sealed in water so it arrives fresh, be careful of buying this from other places dry as it causes die off in your tank.
Our chaeto is measured in a measuring cup as pictured, it is then placed in the bag, it is compressed in the bag slightly for transport but this does not affect its growth.
We also scissor cut our algae to ensure optimal growth for you.
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Modified Guillards f/2 formula – phytoplankton fertiliser
Modified Guillards f/2 formula – phytoplankton fertiliser


Due to its contents it is fully reef safe, this is important as the phytoplankton it will create will be added to your tank.


Can be used to culture phytoplankton safely, with far less chance of crashing than use of a regular fertiliser.


Dosage is 1ml of f/2 formula per 2.5 litres of culture water.  This is full strength f/2 formula.

Comes with a pipette for easy measuring. Comes in a resealable pouch, you can add a bottle if you prefer this for storage for an added cost.


100ml is enough to culture 250 litres of phytoplankton!

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Nannochloropsis Phytoplankton
Nannochloropsis Phytoplankton

What are Phytoplankton?
Phytoplankton are teeny-tiny (microscopic) plant-like organisms. The name phytoplankton comes from the Greek for “plant drifters” because these photosynthetic creatures typically drift about in the ocean, absorbing sunlight and turning it into delicious sugars. In turn, filter feeding invertebrates, like the sponges, clams and corals in your saltwater tank, eat the phytoplankton for their own nutrition. Phytoplankton are a particularly good source of nutrition for marine life, because they generally have a high concentration of Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids (fish oils) that many fish and invertebrates require in their diets.

Nannochloropsis is a well-balanced phytoplankton strain with relatively high levels of fatty acids (HUFAs) and EPA, which is important for the growth of larval fishes (and I extrapolate from that fact…just about everything else). If you are interested in breeding saltwater fish or to feeding the many different animals and corals in your tank this is the best all-around strain for you to consider. It is also thought that Nannochloropsis has some antibacterial properties


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Red Grape Botryocladia
Red Grape Botryocladia

Red Grape Kelp:

With this purchase you will receive a healthy piece of red grape Kelp:

Small – approximately between 5 and 7 cm (enough to get you started and watch it grow in your aquarium)
Medium – approximately between 15 and 20 cm and containing at least two branches
Large – approximately between 40 and 50 cm and containing at least four branches
(length is total length of branches combined e.g if there are two branches, one being 10cm one being 7cm then total length = 17cm)

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Seahorse Feeding Station
Seahorse Feeding Station

Your purchase includes:
feeding station (roughly 10cm x 5cm x 6 cm)
Reef safe magnets
50cm feeding tube ( extra long so you can place the station further down your tank, 25cm is available upon request)
Instructions for use
Tips for training your seahorses to eat out of this station (a lot of fun)


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Selcon American Marine 60ml enrichment bottle
Selcon American Marine 60ml enrichment bottle

Only Selcon Concentrate contains Omega-3 HUFA, Vitamin B12 and pure stabilized Vitamin C.
So if you are establishing a saltwater breeding program, preventing/reversing lateral line disease or just maintaining a healthy reef system, try Selcon; it’s truly amazing.
Excellent for soaking freeze-dried foods and frozen foods.
A must for filter-feeding invertebrates.
Boosts the nutritional value of live brine shrimp.

This marine selcon is essential if you keep certain fish such as seahorses who require frozen food enrichment daily to fufil their dietary requirements that just frozen mysis can not provide. By enriching their food it also provides them with the nutrients to maintain their wonderful colours and prevent them going a dull black.

It can be used in many ways, please mail us if you have a question on its use.

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