Red Grape Botryocladia


Red Grape Kelp:

With this purchase you will receive a healthy piece of red grape Kelp:

Small – approximately between 5 and 7 cm (enough to get you started and watch it grow in your aquarium)
Medium – approximately between 15 and 20 cm and containing at least two branches
Large – approximately between 40 and 50 cm and containing at least four branches
(length is total length of branches combined e.g if there are two branches, one being 10cm one being 7cm then total length = 17cm)

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This Red Grape Kelp is very similar in appearance to the more common plant, Caulerpa. Although they are similar, this species is not at all related, and is a beautiful red coloration. This plant develops many branches that carry numerous small grape-like leaves. It will grow relatively fast under the right conditions, and is a favourite food for herbivores.

The proper environment for Grape Kelp is an aquarium with plenty of live rock, and has moderate to high illumination. Herbivorous fish love to eat this, as this is one of their favourite meals. This is a wonderful plant for nutrient exportation and a great hitching post for seahorses. It also makes a great supplementary food for herbivorous fish, and can be added to the main aquarium when trimmed. It will not tolerate inferior water conditions.

Seahorses also love this plant due to it being the perfect hitching post, also being surrounded by bright colours encourages seahorses to match these bright colours in their environment!

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