Nannochloropsis Phytoplankton


What are Phytoplankton?
Phytoplankton are teeny-tiny (microscopic) plant-like organisms. The name phytoplankton comes from the Greek for “plant drifters” because these photosynthetic creatures typically drift about in the ocean, absorbing sunlight and turning it into delicious sugars. In turn, filter feeding invertebrates, like the sponges, clams and corals in your saltwater tank, eat the phytoplankton for their own nutrition. Phytoplankton are a particularly good source of nutrition for marine life, because they generally have a high concentration of Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids (fish oils) that many fish and invertebrates require in their diets.

Nannochloropsis is a well-balanced phytoplankton strain with relatively high levels of fatty acids (HUFAs) and EPA, which is important for the growth of larval fishes (and I extrapolate from that fact…just about everything else). If you are interested in breeding saltwater fish or to feeding the many different animals and corals in your tank this is the best all-around strain for you to consider. It is also thought that Nannochloropsis has some antibacterial properties


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