Seahorse Feeding Station

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Your purchase includes:
feeding station (roughly 10cm x 5cm x 6 cm)
Reef safe magnets
50cm feeding tube ( extra long so you can place the station further down your tank, 25cm is available upon request)
Instructions for use
Tips for training your seahorses to eat out of this station (a lot of fun)




Having a feeding station for seahorses is a must for two reasons, firstly it reduces the amount of food getting lost in the tank and breaking down into harmful substances and secondly if that piece of food hiding behind the rock gets drafted back out into the open and your seahorse eats it your seahorse will die and this is sadly far too common.

This is so easy to use, simply place the station where you want and when it comes to feeding put the 50cm feeding tube leading into the station and put the food through that, it will simply sink through the tube into the station allowing you to remove the tube leaving the food there for your seahorses to enjoy.

This item is listed as luxury for the following reasons:

Whilst the edges wont be perfect it is made from acrylic giving it strength and a nice look.

It has a large hitching post going around the station giving your seahorses something comfortable to latch on to.

This item has reef safe magnets, this is far better than suction cups that spend half of their time coming off.

The feeding station is deep, this allows me to keep my protein skimmer and powerhead ON during feeding, this will depend on your placement and strength of the powerhead but this saves so much effort, and keeping your skimmer on constantly makes it much more effective.